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Searches files by given name in given directory tree and replaces one substrings to another. Very useful for editing a number of text files (config files, for example). Exit code is 0 only when at leat one successful replace made.

For example:
fr /act "/path=C:\Configs" "/fname=file.c*" "/pattern=34567" "/replace=---"

FR. Find And Replace. File String Replacer. (c) Lenik, 2005-2010
Compiled At Apr 27 2010 21:05:51
Home site: http://www.lenik.ru
use: fr [/act] [/i] [/uni] </path=..> </fname=..> </pattern=..> </replace=..>
     act     - do actual replace
     i       - not case sensitive pattern
     path    - path to start search
     fname   - file name to search in path tree
     pattern - symbol string to find in file </fname>
     replace - symbol string to replace /pattern
     uni     - treat files as unicode

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