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mkisofs.exe -version
mkisofs 1.14 win32 port by Lenik

mkisofs.exe -help
Usage: mkisofs [options] file...
-nobak Do not include backup files
-no-bak Do not include backup files
-abstract FILE Set Abstract filename
-A ID, -appid ID Set Application ID
-biblio FILE Set Bibliographic filename
-cache-inodes Cache inodes (needed to detect hard links)
-no-cache-inodes Do not cache inodes (if filesystem has no unique unides)
-check-oldnames Check all imported ISO9660 names from old session
-check-session FILE Check all ISO9660 names from previous session
-copyright FILE Set Copyright filename
-b FILE, -eltorito-boot FILE
Set El Torito boot image name
-eltorito-alt-boot Start specifying alternative El Torito boot parameters
-B FILES, -sparc-boot FILES Set sparc boot image names
-G FILE, -generic-boot FILE Set generic boot image name
-sparc-label label text Set sparc boot disk label
-c FILE, -eltorito-catalog FILE
Set El Torito boot catalog name
-C PARAMS, -cdrecord-params PARAMS
Magic paramters from cdrecord
-d, -omit-period Omit trailing periods from filenames (violates ISO9660)
-dir-mode mode Make the mode of all directories this mode.
-D, -disable-deep-relocation
Disable deep directory relocation (violates ISO9660)
-file-mode mode Make the mode of all plain files this mode.
-f, -follow-links Follow symbolic links
-gid gid Make the group owner of all files this gid.
-graft-points Allow to use graft points for filenames
-help Print option help
-hide GLOBFILE Hide ISO9660/RR file
-hide-list FILE File with list of ISO9660/RR files to hide
-hidden GLOBFILE Set hidden attribute on ISO9660 file
-hidden-list FILE File with list of ISO9660 files with hidden attribute
-hide-joliet GLOBFILE Hide Joliet file
-hide-joliet-list FILE File with list of Joliet files to hide
-hide-joliet-trans-tbl Hide TRANS.TBL from Joliet tree
-hide-rr-moved Rename RR_MOVED to .rr_moved in Rock Ridge tree
-gui Switch behaviour for GUI
-i ADD_FILES No longer supported
-input-charset CHARSET Local input charset for file name conversion
-output-charset CHARSET Output charset for file name conversion
-iso-level LEVEL Set ISO9660 conformance level (1..3)
-J, -joliet Generate Joliet directory information
-jcharset CHARSET Local charset for Joliet directory information
-l, -full-iso9660-filenames Allow full 31 character filenames for ISO9660 names
-max-iso9660-filenames Allow 37 character filenames for ISO9660 names (violates ISO9660)
-L, -allow-leading-dots Allow ISO9660 filenames to start with '.' (violates ISO9660)
-log-file LOG_FILE Re-direct messages to LOG_FILE
Exclude file name
-exclude-list FILE File with list of file names to exclude
-pad Pad outout to a multiple of 32k (default)
-no-pad Do not pad output to a multiple of 32k
-M FILE, -prev-session FILE Set path to previous session to merge
-N, -omit-version-number Omit version number from ISO9660 filename (violates ISO9660)
-new-dir-mode mode Mode used when creating new directories.
-force-rr Inhibit automatic Rock Ridge detection for previous session
-no-rr Inhibit reading of Rock Ridge attributes from previous session
Inhibit splitting symlink components
-no-split-symlink-fields Inhibit splitting symlink fields
-o FILE, -output FILE Set output file name
-path-list FILE File with list of pathnames to process
-p PREP, -preparer PREP Set Volume preparer
-print-size Print estimated filesystem size and exit
-P PUB, -publisher PUB Set Volume publisher
-quiet Run quietly
-r, -rational-rock Generate rationalized Rock Ridge directory information
-R, -rock Generate Rock Ridge directory information
-sort FILE Sort file content locations according to rules in FILE
-split-output Split output into files of approx. 1GB size
-sysid ID Set System ID
-T, -translation-table Generate translation tables for systems that don't understand long filenames
-table-name TABLE_NAME Translation table file name
-ucs-level LEVEL Set Joliet UCS level (1..3)
-uid uid Make the owner of all files this uid.
-U, -untranslated-filenames Allow Untranslated filenames (for HPUX & AIX - violates ISO9660). Forces -l, -d, -L, -N, -relaxed-filenames, -allow-lowercase, -allow-multidot
-relaxed-filenames Allow 7 bit ASCII except lower case characters (violates ISO9660)
-no-iso-translate Do not translate illegal ISO chacters '~' and '#' (violates ISO9660)
-allow-lowercase Allow lower case characters in addition to the current character set (violates ISO9660)
-allow-multidot Allow more than one dot in filenames (e.g. .tar.gz) (violates ISO9660)
-use-fileversion LEVEL Use file version # from filesystem
-v, -verbose Verbose
-version Print the current version
-V ID, -volid ID Set Volume ID
-volset ID Set Volume set ID
-volset-size # Set Volume set size
-volset-seqno # Set Volume set sequence number
-x FILE, -old-exclude FILE Exclude file name(depreciated)
-hard-disk-boot Boot image is a hard disk image
-no-emul-boot Boot image is 'no emulation' image
-no-boot Boot image is not bootable
-boot-load-seg # Set load segment for boot image
-boot-load-size # Set numbers of load sectors
-boot-info-table Patch boot image with info table
-z, -transparent-compression
Enable transparent compression of files

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